Register of Probate / Probate Court


142 Federal St.
Portland, ME 04101


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The Probate Office supports the Probate Court and is responsible for processing passports, wills, estates, guardianships name changes, minor and adult adoptions, minor and adult guardianships, and minor and adult conservatorships.

Name Title Email Phone Additional Phone
Schwartz, Susan Register of Probate    
Aranson, Paul Judge of Probate      
Rickards, Erica Deputy Register of Probate 207-871-8382 ext 3300  
Chason, Michele Adult Guardianship, Conservatorship Clerk 207-871-8382 ext 3302  
Thompson, Rebekah Minor Guardianships, Conservatorships, Passport 207-871-8382 ext 3311  
Angel, Dufour Informal Probate 207-871-8382 ext 3305  
Rowe-Scala, Lindsay Adoptions, Name Changes, Court Scheduling 207-871-8382 ext 3303  
Keirstead, Joy Accounting 207-871-8382 ext 3306