Public Process

County Process for Administering ARPA Funds

  1. Identify County needs - May/June 2021
    • Cumberland County staff will perform an audit of losses to Cumberland County 
    • County staff will identify further response measures necessary to the COVID-19 pandemic
  2. Identify short term qualified regional needs and issues - Summer/Fall 2021
    • Open public comment through County web site
    • Meetings with municipal leadership, state legislators
    • Meetings with industry experts and service providers
    • Meetings with Maine State department leadership
    • Public meeting(s) for comment to County Commissioners
    • Release pre-application for competitive funds
    • Assemble volunteer committee to review applications
    • Invite qualified pre-application filers to complete full application
  3. Begin distribution of award funding - Winter 2021/2022
    • Review panel scores applications, makes funding recommendation with support from County staff.
    • First round of competitive funds released
  4. Identify medium-long term regional needs and issues - Ongoing
    • Continue to seek input from stakeholders on further investment
    • Continue to seek public comment through web portal
    • Continue to update and seek input from County Commissioners in public meetings
    • Complete future rounds of competitive funding

Public Engagement Process and Milestones

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