ARPA Reporting

Federal Reporting

Cumberland County must meet the Tier 1 Reporting requirements set forth by Treasury.  As such Cumberland County was required to provide a one-time interim report to Treasury.   Thereafter Cumberland County must submit an Annual Performance Plan and quarterly expenditure reports.

Interim Report 

The initial Recovery Plan covered the period from the date of award to July 31, 2021, and was submitted to Treasury by August 31, 2021. 

Initial Recovery Plan 

Annual Recovery Plan Performance Report

Annual Report Period Covered Due Date Report 
1Award Date- July 31,2021August 31,2021 2021
July 01,2021- June 30,2022July 31,2022RP 22
3July 01,2022 - June 30,2023July 31,2023 
4July 01,2023- June 20, 2024  July 31, 2024 
5July 01,2024- June 30, 2025 July 31, 2025 
6July 01,2025- June 30,2026 
July 31, 2026 

7July 01,2026- December 31, 2026  
July 31, 2025 

Program and Financial Reporting

Project and Expenditure Report: 

Cumberland County will report on projects funded, expenditures, contracts, and sub-awards on a quarterly basis to Treasury. The initial quarterly Project and Expenditure Report covered three calendar quarters from March 3, 2021, to December 31, 2021, and was required to be submitted to Treasury by January 31, 2022.   

Report YearQuarter Period Covered Due Date Submission
120212-4March 03-December 3101/31/2022View Report
220221January 01-March 3104/30/2022View Report
320222April 01- June 3007/31/2022View Report
420223July 01- September 3010/31/2022View Report
520224Oct 01- December 31       01/31/2023View Report

620231January 1- March 31 04/30/2023