Youth Fire Safety & Intervention Collaborative

Program Mission: To reduce the incidence of fire-related loss of life, personal injury and property destruction in Cumberland County by assessing youth who are at risk of fire setting behavior, providing fire prevention education to the youth, their parent and referring families to appropriate services. 

Nationally, more than half of all intentionally set fires are started by youths under the age of 18. When a child or adolescent sets a fire and receives no intervention, there is a better than 50% chance he or she will set a second fire. If, in fact, a second fire is set, the chances are better than 80% that the fire setting will continue. Fires set by children are common and a problem affecting many families. While curiosity about fire is natural, fire setting is dangerous and deadly.

If your child is displaying fire setting behavior, you and your family are at higher risk for suffering the consequences of a fire. Remember, you are not the only parent to face this problem. ​If you discover evidence of a fire set by your child, or your child talks about setting fires, or is curious about fire; contact your local fire department or contact us at 207-894-3706 for help.