Grant Funding

CCEMA administers the Homeland Security Grant Program (HSGP)  in Cumberland County. Since 1999, more than $100 million of HSGP funding has been distributed to enhance homeland security and all-hazard preparedness across the State of Maine. Additional information about the Homeland Security Grant Program is available in the CCEMA Finance Guidebook. 

The Maine Emergency Management Agency (MEMA) is offering a "EMPG Critical Infrastructure Generator Project." Eligible subrecipients include NIMS-compliant municipalities (that have SAMS and DUNS numbers). 

Applications will be accepted until 5pm on 12/15/2021. Applications must be submitted to

There are 3 documents pertaining to this grant, linked above. The "EMPG Critical Infrastructure Generator Project Advertisement/Notice of Funding Opportunity" explains the grant and its requirements. The "Subrecipient Cover Page" and the "EHP Form" are the two required components of a grant application. For more information about how to complete an Environmental and Historic Preservation (EHP), please consult the links listed under the CCEMA Finance Guidebook (above). 

This is a new grant, and information is still being provided to CCEMA. We will provide any new information in this FAQ document: