Registry of Deeds

Welcome to the Registry of Deeds website. The Registry is custodian and manager of a large number of documents relating to property conveyance and ownership; the staff is pleased to assist in your recording and research endeavors.

The Registry of Deeds exists primarily to enable the owner of an interest in property to give public notice of said ownership. Our land records date back to 1753 and our plan records date as far back as 1828.

The general statutes of Maine govern the Registry of Deeds. We are responsible for the maintenance, integrity and safekeeping of all public records for which we are legally entrusted. Our office is committed to proper enforcement of these laws as we strive to provide the highest level of customer service.

The Registry (by law) does not offer any legal or professional advice. The database housing the county’s documents is not a substitute for the advice of a legal professional. If you need legal guidance regarding document preparation or interpretation, the best means of obtaining it would be through an attorney or title company.

Maine general statutes prohibit the Registry staff from doing research. We are here to assist with the use of our computerized indices, so that you can access all documents and plans that have been recorded in Cumberland County. Our staff is not permitted to interpret or make legal commentary on the content of the documents or plans that are housed in the Registry of Deeds.

Public closing are not permitted at the Registry of Deeds.

Thank you for visiting our website. We encourage you to view our site and become better acquainted with the services offered by the Registry of Deeds.