What People Are Saying

Editorial from the Portland Press Herald - October 1, 2004

“Though grant money is limited, the improvement to public safety provided by these programs is priceless.”

Excerpt of a Letter From a Domestic Violence Survivor to the Project Probation Office

“Thanks for being there when I needed help…me and the kids are doing fine.”

Comments From Victims About the Classes at the Cumberland County Jail and Maine Correctional Center

“I have learned from this course… that there is a way out for the victim. Society is becoming increasingly aware of domestic violence and its ripple effects, therefore stepping up to the plate and providing avenues for victims to escape…we learned that we deserved to be treated fairly and kindly, with love and respect..”

“[This class] lets us… begin to gain our self-respect and enthusiasm for going forward in life, instead of staying on a path of self-destruction…The FCS Programs here at CCJ teach us to stand up and say no to abuse. These programs are essential to help us be productive members of the community. Truly [the teacher] plants seeds…with promise to grow into women of honor and courage.”

Comments About the Incarcerated Victim’s Advocate

“Enormous number of women transitioning to stable, safer housing.”

“What a true blessing to have your support and direction.”