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Peter Crichton

Peter Crichton, County Manager


Cumberland County Government
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Portland, ME 04101

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Cumberland County Government adheres to the following values that the county holds regarding regional relationships.

1. Citizens are the customers
2. Broad-based deliberative process
3. Build trust
4. Outreach initiatives
5. Distribution of key information
6. Identify needs & available resources
7. Identify and analyze “best practices”
8. Set attainable goals
9. Periodic monitoring
10. Continual two-way communications

County Partners

Meet the Five Organizations that Comprise
The County Partners of Cumberland County

Cumberland County Extension AssociationCumberland County Extension Association

The Cumberland County Extension Association partners with the University of Maine Cooperative Extension to locally direct community education programs to address the changing needs of county residents.  As the outreach college of the University of Maine, Cooperative Extension engages in teaching research-based, community-driven programs in Sustainable Agriculture, Horticulture, Human Nutrition, Food Safety, 4-H Youth Development and Family Living.

Annually we reach over 90.000 citizens and partner with approximately 500 Extension volunteers who extend our educational outreach to all 26 communities in Cumberland County. We depend on annual support from the county, the state and the federal governments in order to successfully carry out our mission.

The Cumberland County Soil and Water Conservation District Cumberland County Soil and Water Conservation District

The Cumberland County Soil and Water Conservation District’s mission is to assist and educate the public to promote stewardship of soil and water resources.  The Conservation District is a recognized and respected leader fostering the ideals of conservation through public outreach, education and directly working with various Lake Associations, Municipalities and other myriad entities in the County to provide hands on planning and execution of extremely important soil & water conservation practices.

The District receives small grants from the Maine Department of Agriculture and Cumberland County Commissioners that account for approximately 5% of annual revenues. Barely 2.5% of revenues (approximately $15,000) is available annually for the Conservation District’s staff of seven dedicated conservationists to develop proposals and compete for grants and contracts for the remaining 95% of revenues

Portland Public LibraryPortland Public Library

Portland Public Library, the Community's oldest and largest cultural institution, encourages and supports the educational, informational and recreational interests of all members of the Greater Portland Community.  Its Mission is to serve the Community by providing a diverse collection of books and other resources, with access to information resources worldwide.  As a regional library, Portland Public Library shares its resources with residents of Cumberland and York Counties.  The Library is a publicly chartered non-profit corporation, supported by public and private funds, governed by a voluntary Board of Trustees and administered by a professional staff.

Southern Maine EMS

Southern Maine Emergency Medical Services Council, Inc.

Southern Maine Emergency Medical Services Council, Inc. was created to support comprehensive emergency medical services.  Through education, training, quality assurance and system development, Southern Maine Emergency Medical Services Council, Inc. will assure quality emergency medical care is delivered throughout Southern Maine…when every second counts.


Threshold to MaineThreshold to Maine Resource Conservation and Development (RC&D) Area

The mission of the Threshold to Maine RC&D Area is to help individuals and communities pursue natural resource-based opportunities in southern and western Maine by providing technical assistance to promote social improvement, economic development, and environmental protection.  The purpose of the program is to assist State and local units of government and nonprofit organizations improve their capability to plan, develop, and implement programs for resource, conservation, and development.  The RC&D Council helps to establish or improve coordination systems in communities and build community leadership skills to effectively utilize Federal, State, and local programs for a community’s benefit.  We provide technical assistance to help State and local units of government and nonprofit organizations prepare plans for resource development, economic improvement and to plan and install community related projects.


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