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Nadeen Daniels
Grants & Special Projects Coordinator


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Public Health & Transportation (PHiT)

The Public Health and Transportation Connection is an ad hoc coalition in southern Maine of individuals and organizations from a number of sectors including health, transportation planning, law enforcement, education, recreation, and governments at all levels. We envision Maine as a place where people of all ages and abilities can move about in ways that are safe, enjoyable, convenient, and healthy.

Our mission is to build awareness of the relationship between transportation design and health; and to stimulate actions that result in improved health and safety. We do this by influencing policy development, infrastructure investment, and transportation design; and by spearheading community education and participation.

Operating Principles

To maximize the benefits of our cross-sector work, members of the Public Health and Transportation
Connection are committed to:

Participating Organizations:

Cumberland County, PACTS, Healthy Portland HMP, Healthy Casco Bay HMP, Healthy Lakes HMP, Healthy Rivers HMP, Cumberland District Public Health Council, City of Portland, Portland Trails, Bike Coalition of
Maine, Let's Go!, City of South Portland, Opportunity Alliance

How to Become Involved

Participation is open to anyone who is committed to the PHiT mission and willing to devote time to working with others to achieve it. There is no cost to participate.

The coalition meets monthly in Portland. Agendas are posted in advance on the Cumberland County
Government website and summaries of the meetings are posted thereafter. If you are not able
to attend monthly meetings, you might like to be on our mailing list, be involved in individual
projects, and/or help to spread the word about the connection between transportation design and

The coalition is co-chaired by Nadeen Daniels, Cumberland County Grants and Special
Projects Coordinator and Zoe Miller, Director, Healthy Maine Partnership, Healthy Lakes Region/
Opportunity Alliance.

To obtain additional information, please feel free to contact either Zoe or Nadeen Daniels.