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Cumberland County Government adheres to the following values that the county holds regarding regional relationships.

1. Citizens are the customers
2. Broad-based deliberative process
3. Build trust
4. Outreach initiatives
5. Distribution of key information
6. Identify needs & available resources
7. Identify and analyze “best practices”
8. Set attainable goals
9. Periodic monitoring
10. Continual two-way communications

Cumberland County Finance Committee 2012-2013

Commissioners convened the first meeting of the 2013 County Budget Review on Monday, September 24, 2012 @ 5:00 PM in the Peter J. Feeney Conference Room. The Finance Committee and Department Heads were present. There was a presentation on the budget, and on the Civic Center. In addition to this first kick-off meeting, there were 4 more meetings. The minutes for each meeting is listed below. The Board of Cumberland County Commissioners and the Cumberland County Finance Committee will hold a public hearing on the FY13 Proposed Cumberland Ocunty Budget at the Windham Town Hall.

Thursday, November 8, 2012 @6PM - Windham Town Hall - Budget Review Public Hearing for all districts. Council Chambers, 8 School Road, Windham, ME 04062-4899
If you have any questions you would like to ask the Board and/or the Commissioners ahead of time, click here and fill out the question submission form.

Committee Members - 2012-2013

Watch the meetings below or download our minutes.

2012 Minutes

  • 10-24-12 Minutes
  • 10-17-12 Minutes
  • 10-03-12 Minutes
  • CC Facilities Dept 2013 Budget
  • CC Sheriff's Office Map
  • CC Sheriff's Office
  • 2013 Budget CCSO Powerpoint Presentation
  • Emergency Management Agency
  • IT 2012 Budget 10-3-12
  • 9-26-12 Minutes
  • 09-24-12 Minutes
  • 10-24-12 - Budget Review Meeting from Cumberland County on Vimeo.

    BudgetReview-10-17-12 from Cumberland County on Vimeo.

    10-03-12 - Budget Review Meeting from Cumberland County on Vimeo.

    Budget Review - 09-26-12 from Cumberland County on Vimeo.

    Budget Review Kickoff 09-24-12 from Cumberland County on Vimeo.