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Cumberland County Government adheres to the following values that the county holds regarding regional relationships.

1. Citizens are the customers
2. Broad-based deliberative process
3. Build trust
4. Outreach initiatives
5. Distribution of key information
6. Identify needs & available resources
7. Identify and analyze “best practices”
8. Set attainable goals
9. Periodic monitoring
10. Continual two-way communications

Cumberland County Finance Committee - 2011-2012

The Cumberland County Government Finance Committee (FC) formerly, the Budget Advisory Committee, met for the first time Tuesday evening, September 27 at 5 PM in the Peter J. Feeney Conference Room in the County Courthouse. According to the County Charter, passed by voters in 2010, the Finance Committee will meet to review the county budget for the upcoming year, and present their advisory opinions on the total budget to the County Commissioners for their final approval by December 1, 2011. The Committee consists of two municipal officials from each of the five new districts as also defined by the Charter. Because two additional Commissioners will not be elected until the November election of this year, to start serving in 2012, only six members have currently been appointed to the FC through the caucus process.
Those members are: Lisa Villa, Harrison, Elinor Multer, Harpswell, Anthony Payne, Falmouth, Paul Emery, Westbrook, Tom Coward, South Portland and Kevin Call, Windham. Lisa Villa was elected chair and Tom Coward vice Chair.

The committee met October 5, 12, 19 and 26 at PM in the Feeney Conference Room to review all County department budgets, and provide the Commissioners with an advisory recommendation on the total county budget.
For more information contact Bill Whitten, Assistant County

Upcoming Meetings

The Board of Cumberland County Commissioners and the Cumberland County Finance Committee will hold a public hearing on the FY12 Proposed Cumberland County Budget at the Windham Town Hall.

Thursday, November 10, 2011 at 6:00 PM
All Districts
Windham Town Hall
Council Chambers
8 School Road
Windham, ME 04062-4899

For further information, please call County Manager Peter Crichton at 871-8380

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