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Cumberland County Deeds FAQ's

How do I add or change a name on my deed?

The only way to change or add a name to a deed is by having a new deed prepared.  We cannot do this for you.  We suggest that you consult a lawyer to prepare the document.

How do I find a plan of my land?

Not all deeds have plans that accompany them.  If your property is part of a subdivision, a plan is probably available and we will help you locate it.  If a former owner had the property surveyed, we will show you how to use the plan index to locate it.

I had a lien against me which has now been paid and was told you will release me.

We do not originate any records here, our function is to record documents brought to this office.  We cannot release any liens without a proper written release or discharge.  An original release must be obtained from the party that placed the lien against you and then recorded with the Registry to remove the lien from the title.  The original records are never removed but become part of the title of the property.  An abstractor researching the records would find the lien has been satisfied once the release is recorded.

I want to know who owns a piece of property. You have all the land records, can you tell me?

All records in the Registry are indexed by owner’s name, not a property address.  You must have a name and if not, then you should contact the city assessor or the town tax collector where the property is located.  They will have the property owner’s name listed for that property.

We recommend that you consult with a lawyer for all legal matters pertaining to preparing, interpreting and changing the records.