Civic Center

Peter Crichton

Peter Crichton, County Manager


Cumberland County Government
142 Federal Street
Portland, ME 04101

Office Hours: Mon-Fri

Cumberland County Government adheres to the following values that the county holds regarding regional relationships.

1. Citizens are the customers
2. Broad-based deliberative process
3. Build trust
4. Outreach initiatives
5. Distribution of key information
6. Identify needs & available resources
7. Identify and analyze “best practices”
8. Set attainable goals
9. Periodic monitoring
10. Continual two-way communications

Cross Insurance Arena Upcoming Meetings

Upcoming 2014 Committee & Board Meetings:

Cross Insurance Arena Board Meetings take place on the third Wednesday of each month at 9:00 a.m.

2014 Board Meetings:

Wed., July 16th - Regular Monthly Meeting
Wed., August 20th - Regular Monthly Meeting
Wed., September 17th - Regular Monthly Meeting
Wed., October 15th - Regular Monthly Meeting
Wed., November 19th - Regular Monthly Meeting
Wed., December 17th - Regular Monthly Meeting