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Community Development Reports & Plans

The U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) requires regular reporting on program plans and progress both short- and long-term. Reports must address specific questions and, for the most part, adhere to an organizational structure put forth by HUD. For a list of available reports, click on the links to the right or below.

HUD Annual Action Plan

The Annual Action Plan describes what is planned for the upcoming program year including budgets, projects selected for funding and how these fit into the program's long-term plan, program's anticipated actions over the coming year in meeting other long-term goals, County Commissioner comments and response to the Plan, and documentation of public notices and any public comments along with County responses. The Annual Action Plan must be approved by HUD before it can be implemented.

Our HUD Annual Action Plans by Program Year:

Annual Action Plan DRAFT 2014 Project List

2013 Annual Action Plan (Year 7)
2012 Annual Action Plan (Year 6)
2011 Annual Action Plan (Year 5)
2010 Annual Action Plan (Year 4)
2009 Annual Action Plan (Year 3)
2008 Annual Action Plan (Year 2)

HUD Consolidated Annual Performance Evaluation & Report (CAPER)

While the Annual Action Plan is primarily tasked with looking forward, the CAPER is primarily tasked with looking back. The CAPER is a HUD required report that looks back over the past program year and systematically accounts for all expenditures including dollars spent on specific projects, the number of people or households benefitted by each project, and the extent to which goals set forth in the Annual Action Plan(s) were met.


2012 CAPER (Year 6)

2011 CAPER (Year 5)

2010 CAPER (Year 4)

2009 CAPER (Year 3)

HUD 5-Year Consolidated Plan

The 5-Year Consolidated Plan is a comprehensive plan required by HUD. The plan is intended to identify needs within our communities and establish priorities for meeting those needs over a five-year period. Much of the content in the "Con Plan" is prescribed by HUD.

Our HUD Consolidated Annual Performance & Evaluation Reports:

5-Year Consolidated Plan: 2012-2016

5-Year Consolidated Plan: 2007-2011

Other Plans

Analysis of Impediments to Fair Housing Choice: September 1, 2010