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CDBG Program Oversight Committee

What is the Municipal Oversight Committee?

The Cumberland County Community Development program is a partnership between Cumberland County and our communities. This partnership is manifested by a governance structure centered on the Municipal Oversight Committee (MOC). The MOC is a representative body with one member from each participating city or town. The MOC sets policy direction for the program and recommends projects for funding to the Cumberland County Commissioners.

Municipal Oversight Committee Bylaws

MOC Members by Program Year

Meeting Minutes & Agendas

2014 Agendas

2014 Minutes


2013 Agendas

2013 Minutes


2012 MOC Agendas

2012 MOC Minutes


2011 MOC Agendas

2011 MOC Minutes



2010 MOC Agendas

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2010 MOC Minutes

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2009 Agendas

2009 MOC Minutes


2008 MOC Agendas

2008 MOC Minutes


2007 MOC Agendas

2007 MOC Minutes