Local Regulations


Governor Mills has issued a "Stay Healthy at Home" mandate. The directive requires people living in Maine to stay at home at all times unless for an essential job or an essential personal reason, such as obtaining food, medicine, health care, or other necessary purposes. 

Governor Mills’ “Stay Healthy at Home” Executive Order requires that Maine people remain at home unless to leave for an essential job or an essential activity. 

Essential jobs are defined under Governor Mills’ March 24 Executive Order outlining essential businesses and operations. 

Essential personal activities include the following with relation to an individual, their family, household members, pets, or livestock:

  1. Obtaining necessary supplies for household consumption or use, such as groceries, and supplies and equipment needed to work from home, laundry, and products needed to maintain safety, sanitation, and essential maintenance of the home or residence.
  2. Obtaining medication or medical supplies and seeking medical or behavioral health or emergency services.
  3. Providing care, including transportation, of oneself, a family member, friend, pet or livestock in another household or location for essential health and safety activities and to obtain necessary supplies and services. 
  4. Traveling to and from an educational institution for purposes of receiving meals or instructional materials for distance learning.
  5. Engaging in outdoor exercise activities, such as walking, hiking, running, or biking, but, only in compliance with the social gathering restriction in Executive Order 14 and all applicable social distancing guidance published by the U.S. and Maine Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.
  6. Travel required by a law enforcement officer or court order; and
  7. Traveling to and from a federal, State, or local government building for a necessary purpose.

For more on the mandate visit the Governor’s announcement here.



COUNTYEmergency Declaration - no mandates on business or individual behavior

BRUNSWICKShelter in Place order until April 6 
CAPE ELIZABETHState of Emergency order, closures in place
PORTLANDStay at Home order in place until April 27
HARPSWELLEmergency Order - halt on short term rentals, quarantine on out of state
NAPLESEmergency Declaration - halt on short term rentals, transient lodging, avoid seasonal homes
SOUTH PORTLANDStay at Home order, open ended duration;  halt on short term rentals, quarantine for out of state


Click on the town name for more detailed information at their individual COVID-19 resource page

COUNTYFacilities closed to the public - drop boxes for Deeds and Probate

Town office closed to public
BRIDGTONTown Facilities closed to public, except for transfer station
BRUNSWICKShelter in Place order - all municipal building closed to public
State of Emergency Order - Town offices, parks and public facilities closed
CASCOTown facilities closed, except for Transfer Station
CHEBEAGUE ISLANDTown office closed to the public
CUMBERLANDTown hall services suspended
FALMOUTHMost public facilities closed to public
FREEPORTPublic buildings closed
FRYE ISLANDIsland opening delayed until May 15
GORHAMMunicipal and recreations facilities closed to public
GRAYTown buildings closed to public
HARPSWELLTown office closed to public - Emergency order halting short term rentals, quarantine on out of state
HARRISONOffices closed to public
LONG ISLANDTown Hall closed to public; follow link for event cancellations
NAPLESMunicipal buildings closed to public;halt on short term rentals, transient lodging, avoid seasonal homes
NEW GLOUCESTERTown facilities closed to public
NORTH YARMOUTHMunicipal Facilities closed to public
PORTLANDStay at home order in place. Check website for status of trails, building and other facilities.
POWNALOffices closed to the public 
RAYMONDTown Buildings closed to the public
SCARBOROUGHAll public buildings closed
SEBAGOMunicipal buildings closed
SOUTH PORTLANDTown facilities closed, stay at home order in place - check site for more details about services 
STANDISHTown buildings closed to public
WESTBROOKmunicipal facilities closed to public
WINDHAMTown buildings closed to public
YARMOUTHTown facilities closed to public