Assessor's Duties and Responsibilities:

The Role of the Assessor's office is to establish a value for all real & personal property for tax purposes and to maintain ownership records as required by Maine Title 36.  Among other duties, this office is responsible for updating and maintaining tax maps, administering tax exemptions, and answering assessing questions.

 The Town of Baldwin has partnered with the Cumberland County Regional Assessing Program.  This program is designed to ensure quality, professional assessing services to the town at a reduced cost.  Benjamin Thompson has been appointed director of the Cumberland County Regional Assessing Program and will act as the assessing agent for the Town of Baldwin.

To change your mailing address please complete and return the following form to the assessor's office.

Forms & Reports:

Change of Address Form (PDF)

Exemptions & Current Use

Baldwin 2019 Commitment:

2019 Real Estate Commitment

2019 Personal Property Commitment

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Baldwin Office Hours:

Every first and third Friday of the Month from 8:00-12:00

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Mailing Address:

Cumberland County Regional Assessing
25 Pearl Street
Portland, Maine 04101

Annual Assessment Data

Tax Rate 15.22
Due Date October 20,2019
Fiscal Year January 1, 2020 - December 31, 2020
Assessment Date April 1, 2019
Commitment Date August 20, 2019
Abatement App Deadline February 21, 2020
Certified Ratio 103%
Last Revaluation 2010