Recording Requirements

Requirements for Recording Land Documents 

  • Must have a prepared document with original signatures and notary (Maine notary must include an acknowledgement statement).
  • Names(s) of each signer (individuals, corporations, trusts etc.) must be printed beneath signature line.
  • Notary/attorney name (or bar number for attorney) must be printed beneath signature line.
  • Deeds must be accompanied by a declaration of value form (transfer tax form) and transfer tax, if tax is due.
  • Documents must be legible when scanned for the permanent record.
  • Paper recording margin requirements
  • E-recording margin requirements - 1" margin on top of each page, 2"x4" margin on top of last page.

Transfer Tax

  • A tax of $4.40 per thousand is imposed upon the sale, granting, or transfer of real estate and interest therein.
  • An exemption from the transfer tax must be clearly stated on the declaration of value form.
  • Click here to access the Transfer Tax Form (PDF) and instructions