1. A Polygraph Test

    This unit administers polygraph examinations to suspects, victims, and witnesses of crimes for the Sheriff's Office and other law enforcement agencies.

  2. Community Service Program Services

    When an nonprofit organization partners with the Community Service Program, they make positive changes in the lives of inmates by improving the individual's work ethic, self-esteem and allowing them a chance to give back to society

  3. Police Athletic League (PAL) Funding

    The Cumberland County Sheriff's Police Athletic League (PAL) has two programs. One provides funds for any youth athletic organization in Cumberland County, assisting them with their mission.

  4. Return of Seized Property

    Learn how to recover your property after it has been seized during an investigation.

  5. VIPS Service or the Speed Sign

    View the calendar and download the appropriate application for requesting Volunteers in Police Services (VIPS) service or the speed sign.