Cross Insurance Arena Building Committee

About the Cross Insurance Arena

The Cross Insurance Arena is a multi-purpose entertainment and sports facility that hosts a wide variety of family shows, concerts, trade shows, and sporting events.

The Cross Insurance Arena is overseen by the Cumberland County Recreation District, which is governed by a board of Trustees appointed by the Cumberland County Commissioners.

Cross Insurance Arena Board of Trustees
  • Jon Jennings - District #1
  • Sam S. Surprise - District #1
  • John Jamieson - District #2
  • Steven Webster - District #3
  • Thomas Tyler - District #4
  • Jonathan Crimmins - District #5
  • Mitchell Berkowitz - District #6
  • Joseph E. Gray - At Large
  • Bill Whitten - At Large

The Task Force

A Joint Task Force made up of Trustees and County Commissioners was created in the fall of 2010 to oversee an Economic Analysis of Potential Renovation Options by consultants Brailsford & Dunlavy and the Goldwater Group.

The Building Committee

In early 2011, a building committee was created to choose an architect to make conceptual plans that could be used to go to voters for referendum.

For more information, please view Renovating and Expanding the Cross Insurance Arena from March 2011.

Meeting Documents

Agendas, site reviews, minutes, and other documents are available following approval. 

Building Committee Members

  • Steve Duethman - AECOM Managing Principal
  • James Poulson - AECOM Senior Design Director
  • Scott Sayers - AECOM Managing Principal
  • Stephen Kelly - AECOM/Davis Langdon Associate Director
  • David Cook - Allied Cook President
  • George Liming - Allied Cook V.P. Preconstruction Services
  • Joe Gray - Building Committee, Former Portland City Manager
  • Don Gerrish - Building Committee, Former Brunswick City Manager
  • Joe Bruno - Arena Trustee
  • John Menario - Arena Trustee, Co-Chair
  • Linda Boudreau - Arena Trustee
  • Mark Eddy - Arena Controller
  • Neal Pratt - Arena Trustee
  • Steve Crane - Arena General Manager
  • Bruce Tarbox - Cumberland County Facilities Director
  • Dick Feeney - Former Cumberland County County Commissioner
  • Jim Cloutier - Cumberland County County Commissioner, Co-Chair
  • Peter Crichton - Cumberland County County Manager
  • Sue Witonis - Cumberland County County Commissioner
  • Alex Kimball - Cumberland County Finance Director
  • Brian Petrovek - Portland Pirates Manager
  • Arthur Thompson - SMRT Principal
  • Cathy Streifel - SMRT Project Admin. Asst.
  • Michael Chonko - SMRT Principal/Engineering Leader
  • Paul Lewandowski - SMRT Principal
  • Paul Stevens - SMRT Principal
  • Brian Arsenault - Communications Volunteer