Strategic Planning & Advisory Council

Cumberland County has conducted two strategic planning processes drawing on town officials, the business and non-profit community to help generate ideas and set priorities for county initiatives. During the 2006-2010 strategic planning process, the Cumberland County Advisory Council was created to help guide the process and set priorities for implementation.

The Advisory Council, chaired by Dana Connors with vice-chair Pamela Plumb, meets on a quarterly basis to hear updates on initiatives being taken by the county and give feedback to the County Manager and Commissioners on priorities.

For a new initiative to constitute a priority the issue must first pose an urgent regional need. Second, the county must be in a unique position to address the problem or opportunity by virtue of its legal and organizational structure or other factor. Third, the issue is not be fully addressed by other entities. Finally, there must be a realistic likelihood of success.

There are always smaller initiatives going on, such as regional property tax assessing, back office operations for schools, and the civic center renovation.
Current Advisory Council Members
  • Dana Connors (Chair)
  • Pam Plumb (Vice-Chair)
  • Bob Goettel - Muskie, Cape Elizabeth
  • Bob Heyner - CCSWD
  • Dick Brzozowski - Coop. Ext
  • Elinor Muilter - Harpswell, BAC
  • Jane Knapp - Maine House of Representatives
  • Jerry Angier
  • Julie Sullivan - Public Health
  • Larry Littlefield - Regional Education Consultant
  • Lisa Villa - Harrison
  • Mitch Berkowitz - Bridgton
  • Neal Allen - GPCOG
  • Peter Stuckey - Maine House of Representatives
  • Stan Sawyer - Schools
  • Steve Gorden - Charter Commission
  • Tom Bartell - PROP, Space Needs
  • Tony Perkins
  • Valerie Landry
  • Wes Bonney

  • Jim Cloutier
  • Richard Feeney
  • Sue Witonis
  • Peter Crichton
  • Bill Whitten
  • Bruce Tarbox - Facilities
  • Elizabeth Trice - Staff
  • Valerie Landry - Strategic Planning Consultant)
  • Vic Labrecque - Finance
  • Wanda Pettersen - Human Resources