Inmate Mail

Mail Address
The mail address is:
Inmate's name
C/O Cumberland County Jail
50 County Way
Portland Maine 04102

We do not accept cash.

Mail Policies
  • Inmates of the Cumberland County Jail are permitted to communicate or correspond with persons or organizations, subject to the limitations necessary to maintain order and security. This policy will ensure that inmates maintain important ties with their families, friends, attorneys, officials and the community.
  • Excluding weekends and holidays, or emergency situations, incoming and outgoing letters are held for no more than 24 hours and packages are held no more than 48 hours.
  • Inmate mail will be opened and inspected for contraband.
  • For security reasons the Cumberland County Jail does not allow either incoming or outgoing mail coming from or going to any person incarcerated in a juvenile or adult detention or correctional facility.
  • Mail received for inmates who are no longer at this facility, either by release or transfer, will be marked "return to sender" and returned to the postal service with the next business.
  • Incoming inmate mail will be inspected for the purpose of intercepting contraband, and money orders. day's outgoing mail. Incoming mail from attorneys, courts, or government officials and representatives will be opened to inspect for contraband and in the presence of the inmate.
  • All incoming mail must be sent to the facility in white legal size envelopes, post cards (i.e. birthday / holiday) must also be sent in white card envelopes to assist drug detection through the incoming mail. Incoming legal mail will be exempt from the white envelope rule. Any mail that does not fall within the guidelines will be returned to sender.
  • Magazines, books, and newspapers will only be allowed in from the publisher or - not an outside source. Inmates will be limited to 2 magazine subscriptions.
Returned Mail
Listed below are reasons for items to be refused, disposed of or returned to sender:
  • No inmate name
  • Incomplete return address
  • Stickers of any kind (including return address labels)
  • Rubber inked stamps
  • Tape
  • Colored pencil(s), markers, crayons, paint, watercolors or wax on any part of the envelope
  • Paperclips or staples
  • Correction tape / fluid
  • Cards larger than 5 inches by  7 inches
  • Colored envelopes (except legal mail)
  • Padded envelopes
  • Mail from other penal institutions
  • Any non-paper items
  • Plastics or anything laminated or made of cardboard
  • Anything gang related (photos, colors, writing symbols, or hand gestures)
  • Drugs
  • Two-ply cards
  • Home made cards or poster cards
  • Blank paper, cards, or stamps
  • Magazines, books, newspapers not from the publisher
  • Items having suspicious stains or markings
  • Instant camera photos (i.e. Polaroids)
  • Food items or cosmetic items
  • Photos larger than 4 inches by 6 inches
  • Pictures or drawings of nude, obscene, or sexually explicit material
  • Musical or recordable cards
  • Foreign unidentified substances
  • Correspondence in code
  • Magazine or newspaper clippings
  • Identification cards or facsimiles
  • Lottery tickets or prepaid phone cards
  • Mail that violates a not-contact order, PFA, or other court order
  • Cash, personal checks, or second party checks