First Offender OUI

About the Program
The First Offender OUI (operating under the influence) Program is an alternative sentencing program that allows a person convicted of OUI (with no prior convictions) to be sentenced to participation in a weekend of substance abuse programs and community service in lieu of spending 3 days in jail. The convicted person, or inmate, must preregister and pay a program fee. Inmates spend Friday evening through Sunday evening at a location where community service is needed such as a church or school. They work on substance abuse issues and perform community service to repay their debt to society. Community service projects include painting, clean-up, light maintenance, and other such tasks.

Staffed by Corrections Officers, inmates are strictly monitored, and are expected to fully participate in all aspects of the program. Inmates are educated on the consequences of their choice to consume controlled substances and then operate a motor vehicle. The goal is to help them change this behavior before any horrific event occurs.

More Information
For more information on the First Offender OUI Program contact Lieutenant Scott Jordan. Or call the Community Corrections Center at 207-774-5939, ext. 2131.