Under the Emergency Planning and Community Right-to-Know Act - part of United States Code Title 42 - the Local Emergency Planning Committee (LEPC) is the organization responsible for the development and implementation at the local level of plans set forth and required by this legislation. It contains four major provisions:
  • Planning for chemical emergencies
  • Emergency notification of chemical accidents and releases
  • Reporting of hazardous chemical inventories
  • Toxic chemical release reporting
Federal law requires business and industry operators to perform annual chemical inventories. These operators may be required to file a Tier II Chemical Report with the Cumberland County LEPC, the State of Maine, and their local fire department.

The following schedule identifies specific reporting requirements and the appropriate forms that must be completed:
  • March 1
    • Annual Registration Fee (Yellow Worksheet)
    • Tier II Submission (Tier II Submit 2011 Software from the US EPA Website)
    • Annual Inventory Fee (Pink Worksheet)
  • July 1
    • Annual Toxic Release Inventory Fee (Blue Worksheet)
    • Toxic Chemical Release Inventory Reporting Forms (US EPA Form R/Form A)