1. Anonymous Tips

    Learn all the ways to leave an anonymous tip.

  2. Civil Process

    Browse through the services provided and obtain a list of Civil Deputies.

  3. Community Policing Services

    Find out about Sheriff's Office programs, such as the Senior Neighbor Awareness Program (SNAP), and obtain crime prevention tips.

  4. Community Service Program

    The Community Service Program is another way that inmates can begin to integrate back into society as well as giving back to their community.

  5. Polygraph Services

    This unit administers polygraph examinations to suspects, victims, and witnesses of crimes for the Sheriff's Office and other law enforcement agencies.

  6. Public Service Announcements

    Learn how to survive an active shooter incident and watch a video on not texting and driving.

  7. Senior Neighbor Awareness Program (SNAP)

    SNAP is for seniors and disabled residents of Cumberland County who may benefit from a quick check-in from someone they can trust.

  8. Volunteers in Police Service (VIPS)

    Trained to national standards, the VIPS members assist the Sheriff 's Office in a variety of non-law enforcement duties.