Facilitator, convener, service provider, participant: These are the various roles the county can play depending on the situation and need. Over the past 9 years, the county has utilized 2 5-year strategic plans involving dozens of citizens, municipal officials, legislators and business leaders examining issues of importance to the region and the county's governance.

A major focus of Cumberland County government has been researching and developing alternative solutions for less costly and equally or more effective public services.

In addition to expanding our core services such as dispatch and law enforcement, Cumberland County has convened and participated in gatherings of community leaders and residents to discuss regional approaches to particular issues in education, community development, public health, energy efficiency and local services delivery.
  1. Drug Free Communities

    In 2010, Cumberland County received a grant of $125,000 per year for 5 years to act as fiscal sponsor for Casco Bay CAN (Create Awareness Now).

  2. Energy Efficiency and Conservation Block Grant

    This grant helps for energy retrofits for county buildings, energy-related planning and education, and a new bus service that will serve the Lakes Region.

  3. Homeshare Matching Feasibility Study

    Cumberland County examined the possibility of creating a homeshare matching program in the county.

  4. Prescription Discount Card

    Cumberland County is participating in a free discount prescription drug program that we hope will alleviate some of our residents’ financial burden.

  5. Public Health & Transportation

    Our mission is to build awareness of the relationship between transportation design and health.

  6. Public Health Council

    This council is a partnership between the City of Portland and Cumberland County.

  7. Sustain Southern Maine

    This grant project aims to help communities become economically strong and environmentally sustainable.

  8. Lakes Region Food Purchasing Survey

    In collaboration with Cumberland County and its local partners, Crossroads Resource Center is conducting a survey of second homeowners to better understand their food consumption needs and interests, to better support area growers, and to increase the sales of local foods to local residents. The results of this survey will be incorporated into a long term strategic vision and plan for a sustainable local food system for the region.