Community Development

The U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development's (HUD) Community Development Block Grant (CDBG) program provides federal funding to locally-directed community development initiatives.

Communities can plan and implement critical community development, housing, and social service programs and projects. Nationally, approximately $2-4 billion has been distributed to cities, towns, and counties each year.

CDBG Funds in Cumberland County 
Beginning in 2007 Cumberland County became a direct recipient of CDBG program funds, the first county in New England to participate directly in the CDBG program.

Currently 25 cities and towns in Cumberland County participate in the program. The City of South Portland and the Town of Bridgton receive a set-aside of program funds and maintain operational and administrative independence for their own community development program activities, while the remaining 23 cities and towns compete for grants for local projects and collaborate on region-wide activities.

Allocations in Cumberland County
The following is a list of CDBG allocations to the Cumberland County program over the program's history:
  • 2016 (Year 10): $1,388,065
  • 2015 (Year 9): $1,416,401
  • 2014 (Year 8): $1,456,936
  • 2013 (Year 7): $1,534,022
  • 2012 (Year 6): $1,439,335
  • 2011 (Year 5): $1,543,926
  • 2010 (Year 4): $1,849,093
  • 2009 (Year 3): $1,476,223
  • 2008 (Year 2): $1,458,560
  • 2007 (Year 1): $1,462,123
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